What you need to know about protecting yourself from being spied on

In this article we will talk about spying. A lot of people are paranoid when it comes to spying and think that everyone, including the government, is spying on them.


The truth is that the government does spy on you, but it is doing so passively. If police or FBI wanted to know what you are doing, there’s no reason for them to attach GPS devices to you or follow you. First of all, this would be illegal. The Supreme Court considered a case exactly like this in 2012. Police suspected that man named Antoine Jones was selling cocaine in a nightclub he owned. They’ve attached a GPS geotagging device to his car and were monitoring GPS activity for 28 days.

The Supreme Court has ruled that these activities by the police were illegal. Judges said that attaching a GPS location sensor to a car was a violation of private property laws and police needed a warrant for that. Having a warrant, cops have much easier ways of tracking you: they can get camera feeds from busy intersections, access your banking history, your phone records and location and so on.

Just like with the police, spying on you and installing devices or software in your smartphones or computers is mostly illegal, even though different states might have different laws when it comes to different nuances. For example, some states are a one-party consent state, meaning that the person you are talking with might record a conversation with you even without your permission and it will be absolutely legal. In two-party consent states no one can legally record a conversation with you without notifying you.

Spying on cellphones is usually done with the help of software called spyware. It is impossible to install such software on an iPhone without jailbreaking it. To jailbreak an iPhone means to remove the restrictions imposed on users and software by Apple. Jailbreaking allows root access to the operating system of your Apple device, allowing downloading and installing features not officially approved by Apple.

How do you know if your iPhone has been jailbroken? If it is, you will certain installer apps installed. The most popular one is called Cydia. If you’re on iOS 6 or below, open the search screen, and type “Cydia.” If you find this app, then your phone most likely is jailbroken. If you’re on iOS 7, open the search box on the home screen and look for “Cydia”. Some other installers include Icy, Absinthe and Installer. If you don’t find any suspicious apps, it’s likely that your iPhone hasn’t been jailbroken.

If you have an Android phone, then you can easily get spyware installed. Use security apps to protect yourself. Avast! Mobile Security, Norton Mobile Security or TrustGo Security are great choices that will help you to stay safe.

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