Best free cell phone tracker app.

You can find different tracking application on the Internet or other online source to download for free or pay for service.


Best free cell phone tracker apps are:


Is great tracking application similar to the application Find My IPhone. If you lost your phone or it gets stolen it’s easy to find it or track it down on Google Maps, get the address and delete and wipe all personal data.

There are other few features except the GPS location finder. You can also track all work information on the phone that has this application installed. For example, track call logs, take screenshots and manage files and contacts and remotely install applications.

There are many settings you can adjust yourself. It’s one of the best cellphone tracking application available for free download on IPhone, Android, Windows mobile and other mobile phone devices.


Great application that uses GPS and WIFI to find  your headset and show it on the map. You don’t have to register and create any kind of accounts, you just need a desktop computer and any kind of Internet connection and you can view the position of the person being tracked.

This application has great number of interesting features. It is free to use, you just need to install an application your mobile phone. You can customize it and decide who you want to track and how long, may that be 30 minutes or 1 hour, after the set time the application shuts down and you cannot view the position of the device holder.

You can send email link or SMS to share your location, after certain time that link becomes invalid which protects your privacy.

It is more accurate than Google Latitude. The accuracy is few hundred feet than the one set on Google Latitude which is half a mile.

Great free application to share the location of your whereabouts with your friends, family and coworkers available for free on Android and IOS.

Mobile Defense:

Small Android Google application that can be used to find and track down your lost phone bundled with few other features. It’s easy to set up, you just install small program on your android phone, sing up to the Mobile defense website and you will get email and SMS notification.

The application is small and runs hidden in the background. If your device gets stolen with the help of Mobile defense, WIFI and GPS, you can track it in 30 seconds. Once connect , you can view the location on Google Maps.

You can remotely lock your device, send custom message to it and alert. Other features and services are provided with subrscription.

It is available on all systems as well on IPhone, Android, and other for free download from the website.

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